Behind the scenes…

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…of some of the world’s most complex web projects.

Engineering apps, webs and anything on the Internet

Whether through web architecture engineering or other Digital Agency services, United Experts empowers all types of Internet projects regardless of size and shape.


We helped to deliver over 1,000 web projects and several thousand services to over 100 enterprise, 300 SMEs, and over 30 governments and institutions.


Through Open Team™ arrangements United Experts worked with over 4,000 teammates. That’s a lot of friends we mostly enjoyed working with :))

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Every single day over 80.000.000 people use Internet solutions we helped to deliver while hundreds of millions are in some way impacted by our work.


Within 20 years we changed size, shape, and legal entities but remained the same core team. Founded 1997 in Florida, 1999 in California, 2001 in Croatia, 2010 in the UK, and 2017 (Florida LLC)

Few bits we stand for...

Digital equality

Digital equality is not only achieved by assuring access to quality Internet services, connectivity, devices, applications, and know how.  Even more important is equal distribution of benefits gained through technology. Unfortunately, the more prosperous is economy, the less equal is distribution of tech benefits. That is why United Experts contributes to the principles of open systems, open platforms, open source, and generally the Internet approach vs. closed apps, proprietary systems and platforms.

Open Source

Open source software can be freely used, changed, and shared by anyone. At United Experts we are particularly enthusiastic about it’s affordability, transparency, perpetuity, flexibility, and interoperability. It is a well suited foundation for digital equality and other principles we stand for. Fortunately, open source is now clearly winning a two decade long battle: it powers above 90% of web servers and 485 out of 500 top supercomputers.

Ubiquitous technology

At United Experts we recognise technology as a tool which assists people in achieving their goals without challenging their current lifestyle and their inbuilt values. In order for technology to be useful, it needs to be simple to use, reliable, and possibly ubiquitous. Our main goal is to assist the delivery of such solutions while providing assessable value for our clients, which in return enables us to be a “lifestyle business”.

Lifestyle business

United Experts is organised as a “lifestyle business” set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; and to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle. In order to achieve that we exceed our client’s expectations by delivering concrete and profitable solutions which ensures that clients would reinvest part of the profit in further projects with us, as well as secure pleasant and stress-free project environment for the benefit of both parties.

Work-life balance

We believe that technology should be utilised to create a better work-life balance and enable greater prosperity for more people. If that’s not the case someone, somewhere is taking too much or doing it wrong. At United Experts we are a successful business where everyone shares income proportioned to their work input. Although we love our work, we don’t work on Fridays and we always finish much before 5pm. Did we say that we don’t start before 10am? :))

No sales team!

At United Experts we say yes to marketing but no to sales. Firstly, a tiny company like ours would stand no chance on the market without narrow specialisation and an absolutely clear leadership position in that segment. Secondly, it is our way of social protest because we believe that nowadays people need a break from sales pitches. On the other hand, our partners and satisfied customers make up a whole “army” of devoted but unbiased sales people. A big thanks to all!

Elephants are great, just not in a china shop

Let’s not beat around the bush: when it comes to enterprise web system architecture, we do not compare with other small businesses but rather operate in the territory of the big five consulting firms. However, we do not perceive them as competition, because they also like to benefit from our in-depth knowledge. Narrow specialisation enables us to be a leader in web architecture by pragmatic thinking, complete control, knowledge of even the smallest details, and agility to deliver uncompromising, independent, well-timed advice.

Our Open Teams™ can grow rather large in size but in core we are only a handful of really good web architects accompanied with some seriously good developers, or shall we call them hackers? :)) Perhaps that’s why United Experts is believed to be a Fortune 500 preferred web architecture consultancy. Perhaps because we do the China shop, others do the rest? :))

Where is your web project?