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WordPress Coaching by Fortune 500 consultants for small businesses and professional bloggers delivered online or in-person across USA, UK and Europe. This unique service is a combination of WordPress training, consulting and assistance, all fine tuned to your unique needs.



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Supercharge your WordPress skills

Our goal with the WordPress Coaching is to do what many consider impossible: empower small businesses to create enterprise class websites in least technical and most cost effective way.

Create beautiful websites

Learn how to create beautiful websites and web content without coding or professional design skills. We would introduce most effective tools and share tips on how to deal with effective design effortlessly.

Build awesome functionality

Learn how to modify and extend WordPress to achieve better functionality, connectivity, user experience, performance, security, and maintainability. Our consultants would highlight magic tricks that  turn websites into awesome websites. Best of all, you don’t need to be a developer. Anyone can do it!

Muscle up

Nowadays even the smallest websites can enjoy the benefits of enterprise class technology. We extend coaching beyond ordinary WordPress and show how to utilise content personification, big data analytics and connectivity with external applications, all to enable full-fledged online operation.

DIY, be independent

It’s now more important than ever to publish content fast, experiment with variations, and implement functional changes with minimum cost, effort, and time. Thus, business users need to easily accomplish what was previously handled by tech team. Luckily, WordPress makes this possible and our coaching encourages the “just do it yourself” attitude.

Get a bit technical, you’ll love it

Understanding of relevant technical concepts greatly helps business users to better work with business interfaces of various web and WordPress related tools. United Experts goes above and beyond classic training techniques to bring innovative, fun, and easy to understand methodology to show technical aspects to non-technical users.

Just love WordPress!

Make no mistake, WordPress makes it possible for ordinary people to create professional grade websites but it requires professional training. Other options are either time consuming or misleading. We would like to set you on the right track and introduce you to the big-hearted WordPress community. It’s not an exaggeration when thousands of people state that WordPress changed their life.

Get a Fortune 500 consultant for your small business!

United Experts brings senior Fortune 500 consultants to share corporate expertise with small businesses, professional bloggers and the wider community, through educational services uniquely shaped to pinpoint functionality and best practices and bring about results in the least technical and most cost-effective way.

It’s a unique opportunity to get consultants who work on projects for brands like Microsoft, PwC, Best Western Hotels and other Fortune 500 companies to help your small business web project.

Never be left in the dark

Have no questions unanswered, no challenges unresolved.


We will start with training about WordPress concepts and best practices with topics adjusted to fit your requirements.


During and after the training, our WordPress consultant would provide advice for your specific project chalanges.


When you start creating your website, our WordPress consultants would be on standby to provide assistance.

Get acredited certificate

Everyone that goes through at least 2 days of WordPress coaching  with United Experts would get a beautiful, accredited certificate printed on premium card stock paper. For your convenience, you will also get a digital copy and access to your certificate on Digital Verification Platform.

Be comfortable, wherever you are


Coaching delivered just for you or your team by screen sharing and VOIP through WebEx.

Your place

We coach on-site anywhere within UK, Europe, USA, Canada, U.A.E., New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Our place

You are welcome at United Experts places in central London and San Francisco.

Enjoy the experience

Our attention to detail makes this coaching a great experience

WordPress coaching sandbox

Practice sandbox

We would provide a WordPress website with admin access where you can conveniently practice your skills without worrying about braking something.
WordPress coaching VM

1-click WordPress environment

To give you a head start, we can provide a 1-click virtual machine with installed and optimally configured WordPress and related tools. Extra charges apply.

WordPress coaching laptop

Training laptop

If you come for coaching to our office we can land you a nice laptop with WordPress work environment installed. Extra charges apply.


Stylish souvenirs

We thought that giving away stylish WordPress and United Experts souvenirs is a nice touch that contributes to a great experience.

WordPress coaching materials

Learning materials

As a follow up to our service, browse through well organised learning materials and WordPress resources.
WordPress Lounge

WordPress Lounge

Just drop-in at our WordPress lounges in London and San Francisco or be part of our vibrant online community.

We are all creators. What's your passion?

Welcome to a world where every person can be empowered to achieve more. Building great websites is no longer just for technical people. Technology should be utilised to create a better work-life balance and enable greater prosperity for more people. If that’s not the case someone, somewhere is taking too much or doing it wrong.

Please join us in our quest to make the world a better place through technology.

Additional info



Bellow are our suggestions for WordPress coaching outlines. We can also make a fully custumized outline to match your requirements.

WordPress Training – DAY 1

WordPress Training – DAY 2

WordPress Workshop


Bellow is our suggestions for WooCommerce coaching outline. We can also make a fully custumized outline to match your requirements.

WooCommerce Training Outline

Make your own outline

You can make your own outline by choosing topics from multiple ready outlines or suggesting entirely new topics. All custom outlines need to be arranged in cooperation with your dedicated WordPress consultant.


What is the order and setup process?

  1. We recommend getting in touch with United Experts to arrange best coaching approach, outline, and date
  2. You place the order on this website
  3. After your payment clears we would arrange a coaching preparation call
  4. Coaching STARTS

Is coaching intended for one person or teams?

We coach both, just a single person or an entire team. It’s delivered online, United Experts places in London and San Francisco, or on-site anywhere within UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, and Australia.

Can I talk to a consultant before placing order?

Absolutely, please get in touch by filling-in the form on this page or calling one of the numbers bellow. We recommend getting in touch with United Experts to arrange best coaching approach, outline, and date.

United States: 1-650-353-3331
United Kingdom: 020 8242 4543
Worldwide: +44 20 8242 4543

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