WordPress Workskop

WordPress Workshop is intended as hands-on experience and Q&A session that accompanies United Experts WordPress Course and WooCommerce Course.

Approximately 3/4 of the day would be spent doing exercises where we would be building a website from scratch to finish and in the process covering most relevant WordPress aspects and course topics that require practice. The remaining time is intended for Q&A session where participants mostly ask questions related to their own project.

IMPORTANT: It is only possible to attend the workshop if it was ordered / booked as an option of one of the above courses.

WordPress Workshop Outline

Hands-on WordPress experience

Hands-on exercises cover:
  • Creation of a new WordPress project on a local machine
  • Installation of suitable WordPress theme
  • Modification of WordPress theme
  • Installation and modification of WordPress add-ons
  • Creation of WordPress custom content types
  • Creation of stylish, proffesional pages and content including: banners, tabs, info blocks, pricelist, buttons, headings, images, videos, maps and more
  • Preparing content and layouts for mobile
  • Classifying, sorting, and filtering content
  • Setting up e-mail templates, forms, and SEO
  • Deploying website on a web server
  • Website backup and maintenance
Q&A session

Every workshop gives participants planty of opportunity to ask questions related to their own projects

Targeted audiance

Tech-savvy but not technical audience. It’s equally appropriate for those with no WordPress experience as those familiar with WordPress who wish to expand their knowledge to a professional level.


The workshop is only offered to those who attended our WordPress and / or WooCommerce Course.


1 day, 9am-5pm